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emotional life discussion at bloggercon iv

Emotional life discussion...

Lisa Williams starts witha story and a question. the blogosphere is my a way i feel more at home there than in real life, but that's not how i started out. i went to blogs to be alone. girl with real gold-tone diary with a little lock... my blog was born out of a privacy crisis. when you have comments in your locked diary that sucks.

her coming out story...

desert island blogging. peopel do cooler stuff when they don't know we're watching. ssshhhhh, we're watching.

the bottle floating into your desert island with a message to you!

community with interesting conversation. now, i'm here... i'm here to find out why you blog.

hwat's the most personal and serious thing you blog. what's the thing when you push publish, it makes you really scared?

jesus... the room really cleared out for this. i cant believe that people stayed for the kind of boring rss thing... that seemed to go nowhere... and left for this! ooo scary! girl cooties! emotions!


terry heaton.. i found my wife dead on the floor... And I blogged it a few hours later. i knew of nothing else to do except to write about it. what happned in the hours and days following was really stunning. i received so many condolances. emalis and comments. the community held me up. mainstream media misses that it's a community. it's a social phenomenon. i can't thank everybody enough. I believe in sharing experiences because that's the way we learn. My writing about Allie has not gone over well with certain members of the family. grieving... her brother doesn't understand... he's not a writer. he thinks i'm violating her privacy. that's somethng i have to deal with .


Lisa - finding body... my own post about that... my family's reaction... blogging gives us all the hidden information. most poeple have no idea what to do. they have no idea how other people react, how they'll react. it's tremendously helpful to let that information out.

chris... i've led a v ery public life for a while online. i had a very bloggerish spirit... (he talks about starting relationship with ponzi, when he's a v. public person - it exposes her to being public figure as well)


What you blog and don't blog. don't blog what you don't own. friendly stranger... if i would tell a friendly stranger at a bus stop this, dont' blog it. (without asking). living up to trust i have with my family and friends. i dont want them to feel that everythign we say gets blogged.

Niall... i've had this conv wiht my family and their tolerance level. i have a brother in iraq... and they have captured people and tortured them.... and used info off the web. so i took all info about him off my web site. (er... shoudl i be blogging this? i guess, without his bro's name it's okay, plus this is getting podcast.)

more stuff...
I talk about will's point about exposure (the guy who was so unfairly spun as "broke up with his girlfriend on youtube") the more that happens to all of us, the less important it will be... people will be suspicious of that kind of spin and will give people some slack. it will be okay to have a human dimension and vulnerabilities. and companies won't be scared to hire a person with a blog because they reveal their human side... they'll be scared to hired a person whose human side they don't know.

lisa: yah.. hope so... and...

liz: also... the fuzzy line of "dont blog what you don't own" human relationships you can't cut those lines , too complicated, must negotiate it new all the time... very hard...
lisa: i dont blog about my husband
liz: do you feel that as a loss? did you used to when you were on the desesrt island?
lisa: no... and yes...
Lisa: i use my blog to de-bullshittify myself. am i full of crap? or not?


Lisa: and it's cool about cutting tthrough the small talk...

Kristie wells: i never had a paper diary... before my blog... it's my first experience with expressing myself in writing...

this is very interesting!!! i can't wait to read the whole transcript! it's very hard to liveblog it and i've got the chat window up, and also listen fully, eventho i'm a kick ass multitasker...

lawsuit discussion. interessting!

a dude is nervously realizing as he talks , that he's in a room full of bloggers who are bloggging what he says. yup.

jory: blog helps me clean up my relationships... i will never embarrass someone more than i will embarrass myself... cleaned up my life... my family not communicative... till i started blogging... dialogues have started going on in my family... my mom's blog now, th is is how i know what's going on with her now! she won't talk to me, but she will blog about it! and I can read it!

wow fascinating!


Elisa... i dont blog my boyfriend's name... or where he works... but it's a large computer company based in seattle... *hahahaha* i dont' 't hink he reads my blog very much... writing things down is diff than talking or telling people things. 9/11 i was in nyc on business... and 3 years later i wrote it down in a day by day way. parts of the story i had never said out loud, the most hard parts, came out. ii still get emotional, i can't say them out loud, they're too hard.

it's easier to share heightened emoltional experiences with a big anonymous audience... than it is to say in personal conversation, i wonder about the dynamics of that.


jay rosen talking about thinking politically. hannah arendt. jews thought of themselves as germans in germany, but that didn't mean enough and wasn't political thinking, because to non german jews, they weren't germans. they were jews.

i think that this is applicable to us as women... we think w'er human. but other people see us as not human. and we are extremely vulnerable to losing our human rights.

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