Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bloggercon IV: The Gathering

gregorian fervor
Originally uploaded by Liz Henry.
The feminist CR session that is Bloggercon needs your help! Yes, we're going to make it a collectible card game *and* an unconference. With tech conference bingo. When I blame the patriarchy or Marc Canter bellows an insult about Apple and the evils of DRM, someone's sure to yell BINGO. Instead of passing a talking stick, we'll build roads and settlements on an insane live-action hexmap wiki: Bloggers of Cataan! While knitting our own cat-eared Roomba cozies and figuring out our next moves in the Advanced Squad Leader smackdown! Mary Tsao will teach us her favorite playground drinking games! And the BlogHer triumvirago shall spread their miasma of pain and fear across the airwaves as part of their evil plan of world domination; they may reveal that they're Laádan-speaking vampires.

As many games as possible, because it's the playable con!

At some point I'll whip out the "Gregorian Fervor" card and the podcast listeners will be treated to a round of Discussion Leadership that takes place completely in fake plainsong.

I'll paint everyone's fingernails a dainty pink.

Then we'll all take off our clothes and pose for nakedjen. Yay!

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Denise said...

well you had me except for that pink nail polish thing.

Sandro Medina Tovar said...

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