Monday, June 02, 2008

Sonnet, twittered

Drum roll... a moment in Twitter history...


Twittered by allaboutgeorge aka George Kelly, for Sarah Dopp.

The poem is better for having been twittered. I like it backwards, and getting the punchline first and then cycling back through it. The poetics of Twitter force circularity and rereading, disorder and reversal. Which goes perfectly with this poem's theme!

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Jannie Funster said...

That is pretty cool yah.

i signed up for Twitter but abandoned it 'cause ain't no mo time for no mo stuff. Keepin' it simple.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful use of the Burma Shave reference as well, nice touch. There are some intriguing possibilities, I have seen Twitter Novels (Such as and but the biggest issue is having to read from the bottom up, and additional comments makes it tough. You would have to use an account that was following no one (like 140Novel). I do like the thought of a reversible sonnet or joke though. Haiku's are possible (a la because they are self contained and don't require a linear,uninterrupted thread. There is another user doing mini novels...and by mini, I mean, 140 character I guess the term novel would be a misnomer.