Thursday, April 30, 2009

Manifesto overload - May 1, Modern Times Bookstore

Steven Schwartz and I are hosting a Manifesto reading for SF in X (SF in Exile) at 7pm tomorrow night, May 1, at Modern Times Bookstore. It will be ALL MANIFESTOS. Come by and join us in raucous, fiery polemics!

While you're there, buy lots of books at Modern Times, which is a great neighborhood bookstore that supports progressive politics and activism.


Annalee Newitz - Cyborg Manifesto
Danny O’Brien - Futurist Manifesto
Daphne Gottlieb - a wild rant of a poem, and the SCUM Manifesto
Liz Henry - bitch mutant manifesto
Naamen Tilahun - an original manifesto
Nick Mamatas - a short story to set you on fire
Steven Schwartz - Dadaist Manifesto
Zuleikha Mahmoud - Femme Shark Manifesto


With excerpts from the following extra fantabulous other manifestos:

Dada • SCUM • Provo Bicycle • Slut • Communist • Futurist • Unabomber • Art of Noises • Infernokrusher • Dogme 95 • International Werewolf Conspiracy • Surrealist • Bitch •
Vorticist • Turku • GNU • Femme Shark • Raver • Genderfree • Bitch Mutant • Headmap • Cyborg • Cluetrain • Anarchist • Yippie Voting • Up Against the Walls Motherfuckers • Declaration of the RIghts of Man • Bauhaus • LOL_MEME Bill of Rights • Cannibalist • And some too new to make it into this list!

Doors open at 6:30, reading starts at 7. $10-20 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of money.

AND! The party moves to Zeitgeist afterwards for Sarah Dopp's birthday.

I've loved manifestos for ages and ages. They don't pull any punches or pussyfoot around. No qualifying maybes, no disclaimers, no apologies, no hedging your bets. Take a position and state it with extreme fervor. Say it like you mean it! Rant and declare!

A few years ago Steven and I talked about editing a manifesto zine or an anthology, and that's still a possibility. For this reading, I'm excited that so many of the manifestos being read or excerpted are feminist ones!

Here are two of my favorites, done in beautiful flyers - the Why Cheap Art? and Cult of Done manifestos.

Cult of Done Manifesto

Why Cheap Art? manifesto


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