Saturday, November 01, 2008

Blog posting month! NaBloPoMo

Resolved: to blog on Composite every day in November, for NaBloPoMo, while Oblomovka does NaNoRiMo. AND on Feminist SF: The Blog. Here, I'll write about books, gadgets, programming, feminism, poetry, and translation.

Or whatever.

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Carol said...

This year was the first year since I heard of NaNoWriMo that I seriously ignored the event. I logged into the website once, I think, before it started, then kept away. I didn't read the emails. I didn't attempt to even start.

And that's a good thing. I work full time, go to school full time and am raising two daughters (10 days to go and they'll both be teens). I don't need the extra stress of trying to write a 50,000 word novel when I'm behind in school projects.

However, I think I can manage to write a blog post a day. I'll sign up for NaBloPoMo. I may have to do it between my personal blog and my work blog - which has been sadly neglected since August. But I think that's a reasonable goal for me.

My reason for neglecting my work blog is because I have a certain expectation about what I can and cannot post. I won't post very personal details. I've already gotten hate email about being a comment administrator, and don't need that to spill over to my family. I obviously can't complain about things at work. And I have to post something I think people will be interested in.

Then there's the blog I started on - that one focuses on my identity as college student. Or my fiction writing blogs (two). I've got too many choices and therefore find myself unable to start, stuck in a rut of "I should."

Carol said...

And of course, I failed to follow the guidelines. ;-)

My plans for the computers are listed in my blog: I would share with my family (Mom, two nieces), and share my efforts at web design with nonprofit organizations in the area.