Monday, January 09, 2006

how long it takes to make connections

I was coalescing vaguely this morning about the length of time in a woman's life that it takes her to make connections with other women. Because of the ways tokenism works, if you're sort of "successful" in the male-dominated world then you're cut off in some ways... the isolations of nuclear families also factor in...

So I notice in feminist utopian fiction the women hit a point later in life where they start connecting. They get into the secret menopause club and all talk to each other. Like in Suzette Haden Elgin's "Native Tongue". I could make lists of books that show this pattern.

Maybe that's what blogs and the net are changing. We find each other earlier in life. We get reinforcement and like-minded ideas, we can go further in thought because we don't have to keep starting from the beginning in our explanations.

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nolapoet said...

It's one humongous salon/think tank!

I've spent my afternoon looking for a place that might take a poem in English with a Spanish translation. All I can think of is Two Lines, but I think it's not their thing--it's being sent out as a new poem with a Siamese-twin translation. Everything else seems out of print.

Any ideas? Know of any *poetry* mags concerned with an exchange between the English- and Spanish-speaking Americas (not only Tex-Mex border)?